Adversity Blog Reflection

I learned from reading my book and from hearing what my peers have said, that adversity comes in all shapes and sizes. I think that adversity has many ways to be overcome. All people overcome adversity differently. Some people have to reach out of heir comfort zone to get out of the adversity and some people have to go too far into their comfort zone. Adversity is a hard thing to over come but if you have the support and people around you to help you out, it will be easier. When people have adversities, they need people to help them out even if they seem like they don’t want help. I think that adversities are things that need to be overcome to help people move past hard times and to help them figure out who they are. I think this because if you don’t move past an adversity, the feelings could just pile up and stay with you until you face the reality of it. I know that facing adversity can be challenging because it makes you face hard things that you don’t want to deal with. With what Eleanor had to go through, I feel like it was good for her to have someone like Park to help her through her difficult time. Even though Eleanor didn’t want anyone to know about what she was going through, I feel like she needed someone to help her get it off her chest. Adversity can be scary and it can be hard but the people you have around you to help you through it, are who helps you through your difficult times. People need encouragement to get through difficult times to help them to want to keep pushing through the adversity. People can help you even if you feel like they can’t. They can encourage you and push you to keep going even if you feel like giving up.


Reaction Blog

This is the post excerpt.

People who are seen as disposable are seen to be used and then gotten rid of. When people use them, it’s not the kind of use that you would want. These people are being used for things that don’t matter to people. We live in a society of disposability, we don’t use peoples opinions the way that we use peoples that agree with us. We only want our opinion to matter and to be used. In the movie Hotel Rwanda, you can see that some people are being seen as disposable. I thought that even Paul was seen as disposable to a few of the people such as, the people that are only helping him a little bit simply because Paul was bribing them with money, alcohol, and expensive belongings of him and the people in the hotel.

The movie was very interesting to me, because I had never heard about that time in history and it was interesting to learn about an event that is important because we don’t want that kind of thing to ever happen again. This movie demonstrates why we shouldn’t let this kind of thing happen again by showing the bad things that happened, including death and brutality to people who didn’t deserve it. The people were left to fend for themselves because they weren’t worth it. They weren’t worth having anybody give their lives up simply because they were from the area, making them Hutus and Tootsies.

It is hard to understand why these people wanted to hurt children and innocent people. People died even if they weren’t apart of the main situation simply because of their titles as Hutus and Tootsies. The two groups of people could have worked something out however, the Hutus had been through a lot with the Tootsies being the favored ones because they looked the most European. I think that all of these people at one time had been seen as disposable. I think the Hutus were seen as disposable because the Tootsies were chosen over them. I also think the Tootsies were seen as disposable after the fact, because they had been treated so greatly before. They were now seen as disposable because the Hutus thought that they should have killed all the Tootsies so that they could be treated fairly again.

All in all, a lot of people are seen as disposable. Whether it is in the past or in the present. People’s opinions won’t matter to us if we want it to be what we want. That alone shows disposability because it is throwing someone’s opinion out and completely ignoring what that person has to say.