Holistic Reading and Application

Adversity Blog Reflection

Shows Improvement on Objective


I ranked this objective as, “Shows Improvement on Objective,” because I got better at being able to connect two things and show that they mean something together. I need to working on this still because I’m not the best at it but I can do it effectively. I compared adversity in the world today with the adversity going on in Eleanor’s life by saying, “I know that facing adversity can be challenging because it makes you face hard things that you don’t want to deal with. With what Eleanor had to go through, I feel like it was good for her to have someone like Park to help her through her difficult time. Even though Eleanor didn’t want anyone to know about what she was going through, I feel like she needed someone to help her get it off her chest.” I was able to show how the book could connect to someone facing adversity. I was showing that they could ask for help and it might help them. Also, I was able to show that sometimes someone just needs you to pry things out of the just like what Park did to Eleanor helped her come out with her problems that she was facing.


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