Disposable People Ideas

I feel like the children in foster systems are seen as disposable. They aren’t thought about a lot because many people don’t see what actually goes on during their time in the foster system. We don’t see what goes on during their lives because we don’t think about what they have to go through. Some children have to leave their biological families and they don’t get to take anything to keep them warm of healthy. They don’t get to have their toys and they sometimes even have to be separated from their siblings. The state doesn’t give much money to the children who have to completely start their lives over. The children get forgotten about because they aren’t the center of attention when they need it most. Most kids get forgotten when they age out of the system. They don’t receive money and and they don’t get taken care of. They have to go out and find their own home when they were never really taught how to live a good life. They have major difficulties transitioning into the world by themselves and not having anyone there for them to rely on.


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