Close Reading and Analysis

Of Mice and Men Questions

Need to continue to work on objective


I ranked this with, “Needs to continue to work on objective,” because I didn’t do very well on this piece. The idea of the first part was to compare the character to a symbol, and though I might have done that, I feel like I could have done a lot better. Based on the comments I got back from Mr. Stoltenow, and based on what I think, I could have done a better job digging in to my character and I could have showed the similarities a little better. I need to work on this because it still isn’t a very strong piece for me and it would be best if I could make comparisons better. In the second paragraph, I wrote, “Lennie is an example of a character who is disposable. He is seen as someone who is less then anyone else because of the way he acts. However, there are a few other characters that are seen as disposable such as Crooks.” I could have done better with this because we were to choose one character to talk about and as you can tell in this, I talked about two and I didn’t ever show how they connected in the end of my answers to the questions.


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