Creative Writing

Nightmares Coming to Life

Meets Objective


I rank myself as “meets objective” for this objective. I think that my creative piece had good word choice. I also think my piece was descriptive and that the descriptions helped show the story instead of just telling it. I think this is one of my best areas of writing because I can write about anything to make it creative and it comes easily to me. I feel like the creative pieces that I write about myself come the easiest because I experienced what I’m writing about instead of making it up. In my piece, “Nightmares Coming to Life”, I was able to be descriptive in the second paragraph, by saying, “I trudged my way in, plopped down and started putting on my basketball shoes.” I was able to show that I was tired and somewhat dreading going to practice that day. Another way I showed something in a creative way was, “There was no blood, but as I pulled my hands away, I saw it laying there so pure and clean, my tooth.” This make it sound a little suspenseful of what that object could be and I doesn’t just flat out say that it was my tooth at first.


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