Academic Writing

Youths in the Foster Systems

Meets Objective


I ranked myself as “meets objective,” because I was able to use research and apply it to something that meant a lot to me. I was able to put real facts down and show how this is a struggle in todays society. I used many different sources and I was able to get a decent grade on my paper, which shows that I was able to put meaning into the research. I would say I am a master at putting meaning to my research because at some places in this paper I don’t make a lot of sense with explaining what the quote has to do with anything. I could improve on that as well as some other places in order to reach the mastering of the objective. A place that I could do better with my quote integration is in the second to last paragraph, ““Educational achievement escapes many of these youth, with completion rates of high school as low as 34%.” (Reilly, Thorn 728). These youths don’t have anyone to encourage him or her to stick with it.” I could make the integration better by making the quote mean something significant instead of making it sound like I don’t care a lot about this topic when I really do.


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