Nightmares Coming to Life

The night before, I slept extraordinarily well and as I dozed off, I experienced what seemed to be a nightmare. I dreamt about what might happen the next morning at practice. In my dream, I considered the idea that something bad was going to happen to me. A feeling of discomfort had settled in that I was for sure going to get hurt. I was thinking in my mind, that I would probably tear my ACL, break my arm, or possibly snap my leg. I had a feeling that something was going to happen to me, I just wasn’t sure what that would be.

We pulled into the school parking lot. I walked in half asleep trying to avoid anyone that could cross my path.  I trudged my way in, plopped down and started putting on my basketball shoes. My coach looked at me and hollered, “Are you awake?” I smirked and replied, “Barely”.

Everyone was sitting in a circle putting on their basketball shoes for the start of practice. This wasn’t just any practice though. It was the practice where parents were allowed to come watch as everyone was scrimmaging. We started out with warm ups so that we could treat it like it was a game. The first warm up we did was forwards jogging and then moved straight to backwards jogging. As it continued, we switched to whatever our coach told us to do. Then we started layups and after that, went to shoot and stretch. I stood on the sideline as the matchup started. It was white against blue. Who was going to win? Tweet! The game started at an instant. The girls who were playing were the people who were going to start Varsity and the people who were going to play Varsity but not start. They were running back and forth after what seemed like hours. Tweet! I was caught off guard at the sound of the whistle. “Subs!” Our coach hollered to us. It was my turn to go in. It was my first time playing a basketball game as a high schooler in front of parents.

Every time I would get the ball, and I was open I would shoot. The majority of them were misses. Suddenly, I went up with a shot. Everyone was looking like it would be a tie breaker. It felt like the ball was moving in slow motion. Swish. Just kidding. It was the exact opposite sound. Everyone heard a thud on the ground. Airball. I was thinking, oh well, it’s not like everyone saw it. Tweet! “Let’s take a quick drink break.” You could hear sighs of relief as there were about 20 of us panting as hard as we could because all of us were out of shape.

After the break, we started back up again. I was once again back on the sideline waiting anxiously to be able to go back in. I just kept watching in admiration of the older girls. I wished that I could be as good as them. I kept watching and cheering on my team. Tweet! Yes! It was finally time to go back in. I was thinking that I really needed to make up for all my airballs. I was sprinting down the court to get on offense. I was playing wing at that time. The pass that was meant for me had been deflected. The ball went out of bounds. Our ball on the baseline. We passed it in and someone made a shot. It was the other team’s ball. We got a steal. We were running back down the court. I was running at full speed. The ball was flying down the court. I was going to get it. I was going to get a layup. I kept running and running. Wham. “Ahhhhh. I think it’s my toof.” I pulled my hands up to my mouth to see if there was any blood. There was no blood but as I pulled my hands away, I saw it laying there so pure and clean, my tooth.

My sister had sprinted over to me to make sure I was okay. She kept saying I was fine and that everything will be okay. She got me up and we started walking into the trainers room. I was full of emotion. The first few things I said were, “Now I can’t eat my Mexthican food tonight. And my smile won’t be pretty anymore.” Everyone started laughing as tears were draining out of my eyes. Everyone felt bad so they started assuring me I was going to be fine, and that my smile wasn’t going to be ruined. Many hours later, after an emergency root canal, a fake tooth, and having a tooth popped back into place, they proved to be right.


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